Saturday, July 07, 2007

Of Childhood Discoveries

Recently I've been running a Star Wars Saga edition campaign for my children. They really love it (who doesn't want to be a Jedi or a space-faring princess). The Star Wars Saga rules are very slick and take a lot of the obnoxious complexities out of the d20 system. This has sparked my interest in running a sci-fi campaign. And as such, I've been trolling (in the fishing manner not the forum-posting manner) the inter-tubes for inspiration. And that is when I stumbled onto Star Frontiers.

Twenty one years ago, I played my first role-playing game. It was Star Frontiers, published by the now defunct TSR. During the first session, I played a Dralasite that made use of tangler grenades. It was a blast, and to this day, Star Frontiers holds a special spot in my heart. Apparently, there are many others that also remember the good ole' days, and are keeping the torch burning.

Its not like I've forgotten about the system, its just that its old and not the cool new system with all the bells and whistles. Its just a well written game, with an excellent underlying system that doesn't have quite the same internal harmony of a more modern gaming system. But oddly enough, I find myself intrigued and interested in running a game of it. Why? Partly because of nostalgia, and partly because the rules seem to focus more on playing the game and not tweaking yourself out for the next level (an intrinsic problem in the current manifestation of D&D).

All told, I'll probably run a Star Wars Saga edition game (its got Jedi), but maybe I won't use the Star Wars universe.

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