Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lightsky Rocks!!!

Today was our Lightsky Christmas Break. We had snacks, drinks, and were given our Christmas present. Each employee received a Wii (actually 6 Wii were given out and there were three IOUs). The gift was most certainly a surprise. But what really impressed me was the amount of time and effort that went into these gifts. There were several early mornings, frequent visits to stores over lunch or on the way home, conscription of spouses to help get them. In all, a real dedication and desire to make sure that everyone got one. So while my place of employment rocks, its really my co-workers and the owners that rock.

I am stunned by this gracious gift of time and money.


jerry said...

That. Is. An. Awesome. Gift.

Frick. I am definitely getting "lump of coal" at my place this year.

Jeremy said...

Chief Technologists have the gift of Deputizing. :)