Sunday, November 26, 2006

OSX and Textmate and Ruby

This morning I spent an hour reviewing Textmate's Rails and Ruby bundle. Trying to eek out any bits of efficiency that I can. I was particularly interested in the Rails > Model > Show DB Schema for Current Class command. I tried to run it, and it squacked. The process.rb file said that rubygems was missing. Odd.

So time for a little hacking. I added `echo $PATH` and it returned rather odd results (at least as I was envisioning). It had omitted /usr/local/bin, which is where my primary ruby installation can be found. I checked the Textmate documentation, and all should have been well. In my ~/.bash_profile I was prepending /usr/local/bin, but this was not registering. So the fix I settled on was modifying /etc/profile (and restarting my machine).

With the changes in place the command worked splendidly.

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